Saturday, April 22, 2006

Something to be Said

There IS something to be said for regular beauty appointments. Hair appointments out in California? Like clockwork. Helps she was the best and always knew exactly what I wanted even if I didn't know what it was I wanted. I even finally got an easthetician (sp?) who was just as incredible. And what a freakin' difference. Compare Picture A and Picture B which I'm not posting but if you really care to see you can go check on my Flickr website these two photos Picture A, Picture B. With Picture A being thrown together for a friends birthday party, and this taken a couple hours after the party's started and we've already walked around the Boardwalk with the wind blowing in my hair. Picture B gussied up to look pretty and THIS is what I get. That's it. That consultation for a hair appointment is turning into a hair appointment immediately. And the eyebrows and the other stuff we women do (if you can't tell by the picture don't ask)? Before. It makes a difference!! This is a good thing : ) .


ronnie said...

The pictures are locked. Or at least I dont have permission to view them

Laura said...

Of course I lost the info to get onto your Flickr account *blush*. Sorry!

Just the mention of you getting your hair done, though, has me itching even more to make myself an appt with my cousin.

(I thought of you last night as I was eating at a wonderful steakhouse that has Blue Bell ice cream shipped up here! The vanilla bean was a-ma-zing, of course! It had been too long since I'd had some.)

girl from florida said...

Y'all are SO cute!! You look absolutely beautiful in these pictures... your eyes are amazing. I'm hoping little A has blue eyes like yours, with that dark hair, it's a killer combination!! :)

I am REALLY looking forward to a hair/wax/facial appointment sometime soon.

Courtney said...

(shoot... lose the question marks, though.)


Courtney said...

!! I want your flickr info !!

Send it to

Courtney said...

Pretty Pretty Pretty! (Really both are lovely, but you're right, A is better.)

That's it, I'm going to an esthetitian. My skin has been so gross lately!

Allison said...

I think you look gorgeous in both, because you look gorgeous ALWAYS! I can't wait to see pics of the new "do"! I REALLY need to get mine done!


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