Friday, April 21, 2006

You're It

I got tagged! By Ms. Courtney with a FUN one. Before I go ahead though I just have to ask the blogiverse in general, what is up with everybody updating within the last few hours or so?! I love it. Allison with her sweet happy post, Girl with her oodles of baby cuteness, Courtney and My Life is Brilliant with their taggedy silliness, and Cecilia with her ever present grace and poise? Well, here we go:

Five Movies You Can Watch Over and Over Again:

1. Sabrina
2. Shall We Dance
3. Hitch
4. Guess Who
5. Moulin Rouge - I had this as Narnia cuz I couldn't think of a fifth but then I heard "Entertainment" today and remembered I can watch this one over and over. And over.

Five Embarrassing Songs You Know All the Words To:

1. ...none... I really don't know ALL the words to ANY song 'cept Jesus Loves Me, as you'll find out later.

Five Memorable Halloween Costumes:

1. Peter Pan's... girlfriend? I had a miniskirt and tights. I was 8.
2. Roly Poly... actually I had wings so I was a butterfly but when they started to hurt I took them off and was 8 months pregnant with S so I said I was a roly poly.
3. A fairy... MAC did my makeup complete with rhinestones, my MIL did my hair complete with glitter, and I wore lingerie for my fairy dress. My wings got torn up in the bar that night from all the dancin'
4. Legolas for my hubby. My sister and I made him a hooded cape that he is in love with and would wear all the time if he could.
5. J as a giraffe. The cutest little costume ever that people couldn't stop talking about him wherever we went. Oh Mommy look there's the giraffe!

Five Celebrities You Believe May Secretly be Aliens:

1. David Spade
2. Joaquin Phoenix - at least in anything but Walk the Line
3. Britney Spears - does she count as a celebrity?
4. I'll go with Outside Oklahoma's Martha Stewart - got to be
5. And Courtney's Tom Cruise - what is up with him?! I remember when I used to love him.

Five Occupations You Could Never Hold:

1. President - that wasn't obvious was it?
2. Mortician - I would fall over dead myself
3. Sales - tried it, can't deal with the rejection
4. IRS - nope.
5. Hairstylist - who knows how people keep their hair, ewww

Five Books You've Recently Read Outside of School:

1. How Your Child Learns and Succeeds, Cynthia Tobias
2. Circle of Grace, Penelope Stokes
3. Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin
4. Grandfather's Journey, Allen Say - made me cry
5. I've got a list from our bookpass at church that I want to read...

Five Ways to Perfectly Spend an Afternoon:

1. Biking with my family - J on his two wheeler, S in his trailer behind Daddy's bike
2. By the pool, new skirtini and halter, all three boys playing with all our fun new pool toys
3. Exploring a road yet to be discovered
4. Painting at Petroglyph... if only it was closer
5. A walk on the beach

Not Your 5 Favorite Foods, But the 5 You're Most Likely Eating:

1. Turkey Sandwhiches
2. Salad from Rudino's
3. Fruit, usually apples and bananas
4. Trader Joe's If a Fruit Walked Into a Bar's
5. Bluebell ice cream, I'm an ice cream snob - it has to be Blue Bell or Polar Bear

Five Lines You Blatantly Stole From a Movie, TV, a Commercial, or Song:

"Say what?" from Wayne's World
"Pain, lots of pain." Knights Tale
"Give hope to men, save none for ourselves." Lord of the Rings
"Okay pumpkin?" Hitch
"No, no, no. For me seven times was the charm." from My Cousin Vinny

And those were courtesy of my hubby, I shot out the names of movies he likes and he gave me quotes. I have self proclaimed movie amnesia and couldn't remember a line from a movie for the life of me. Except I really love "That could've been messy." from Sky High only because I've seen the movie five million times with my kiddos.

Five People Who Must Immediately Respond:
(Don’t worry “immediately” is relative)

1. Clearcandy Daily, Cecilia
2. Beautiful and Brilliant, Allison
3. Beth, Daily Dose of Me
4. Laura, Love this Life
5. Alyssa, Alyssa's World


beth said...

I thought I was an ice cream snob, but I'm not quite as picky as you!! :) thanks for the tag, now I have material for today!!

pinksundrops said...

Beth, Thanks. I think :) hehe. Yay, glad you're doing it, have fun!

pinksundrops said...

Go check out Laura's and Alyssa's answers as well!

Cecilia said...

Oh sweetie! I'm SO sorry for not having seen this LAST week! I feel like such an egghead. I'll get to this as soon as I can!

BTW, I LOVE your background and new banner up! It's tres tres chic, tres tres bon...just like you, my dear....(are those real flip-flops?).. :)


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