Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Over!

Finished. Done. The school year for the boys is officially completed! I feel like it was all a dream, half dream with Shawner's schooling, and half nightmare with Justinbustin's schooling. I half sailed and half struggled through and suddenly woke up. It's all over and I'm okay. Shawners graduating is bittersweet and the tears I went to cry the day he graduated came later that evening nonstop for a half hour. They started by an issue we had with Justinbustin's schooling that helped confirm why we are giving public school a go next year and then went from there. The issue with Justinbustin's schooling was a good thing in the end but I am trying so hard not to have a bitter taste in my mouth for his school year! Long story short the school is grading in 3rd grade and expecting perfection, then has a way of giving you the indication you are all alone and not offering any suggestions along the way of how to make it better (oh, besides spending an additional $3000 for a tutor - easy fix) and leaving you completely on your own to struggle through and FINALLY find a way, which we did thank God. We finished the school year strong regardless and is my own private little SHOVE IT without actually saying it and had they offered suggestions or help, it would've been even stronger, and sooner. We had a picnic after school with friends from school, and later sno cones to celebrate the day and the start of summer!


Stace said...

Good to know you came out on top, with no help from them. :) Watching kids grow up makes me not want to have any of my own. . . .we'll see i guess.

Jacquelyn Orton said...

Hey! I just left you a long comment, but I got an error page. If it doesn't show up, let me know, and I'll try it again.



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