Saturday, May 17, 2008

Operation No Shaky B*tt

The other day, actually I think it was Mother's Day, I was standing in my bathroom in my bra and underwear putting on my makeup and my six year old comes up to me and spanks my bootie (off topic, that may sound really bad to some of you, but I grew up in an overly protective household where I NEEEVER saw my Dad without his shirt on, even for swimming, so I tend to try and normalize things - spanking bootie not included, but we're working on that one). Then he promptly says, "You have a shaky b*tt, Mom." Thaaaaanks, hon.

I've been wanting to get out there and exercise any way because I've been eating WAAAAAYYY too much and snacking WAAAAYYYY too much. On top of that, I've actually been eating breakfast, which gives me such a good start of energy that whenever I feel my energy lacking during the day I'll eat a snack. All of that food equals having to work out to keep the bootie from shaking, apparently. And the stomach. Having babies does not do well for keeping my stomach from looking like an empty water balloon when it gains a little weight. Ugh. Of course I can't tell when my clothes are on, but I sure can tell when I sit down or when I'm standing in front of the mirror.

Earlier this week I had a little margie at Chipotle and when I got home I finally felt so yuck weight wise I decided to go for a run. With alternating lunges. Buzzed. Awesome. I was sore for four days. Good thing I remembered to stretch at the beginning, who knows what would've happened. Any way, being that sore and looking that much better even after one run was enough inspiration to get out there AGAIN this morning. I only did one set of lunges. Really, I like being able to walk without having to waddle for the soreness between my legs.


somechick84 said...

The first time I did legs after forever I waddled about for DAYS. It was SO bad, lol.


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