Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Wednesday

We have something planned every night this week. Strange how I don't feel overwhelmed. Probably because it's mostly fun events. Monday night was girls' night with the girls and a dinner of smoky corn and potato cheddar soup, merlot, and our girlie shows Gossip Girl, and The Hills. Tuesday night was a date with Brando and a Chipotle picnic on Mt. Bonnell at sunset, with Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake on the deck of the Cheesecake Factory afterwards. Tonight I get to see our previous babysitter that I heart!! I haven't seen her in way too long since she started school almost full-time and is working full time as well. I'm so excited to meet up with her for dinner tonight!! Tomorrow night is cub scouts for the boys and and dinner with a girlfriend for me. She's a girlfriend who lives down South that I haven't gotten to know real well as a result of living so far away from each other. Amazingly this year I have a ton of opportunities to develop relationships with those who live down south - including cub scouts and nannying, both of which are located down south. Yesterday I had lunch with another girlfriend, her baby, and Olive (the baby girl I'm nannying), who is another girl I haven't had a chance to get together with for that reason. Friday night is Li's birthday dinner at sunset at a restaurant on the lake. Saturday is Kris's graduation from acup*ncture school then dinner with Jen. Afterwards I'm meeting up with Li to finish out celebrating her birthday out on Sixth Street and then head home for a night all by lonesome because the boys will be camping with the cub scouts. Hmm, I should do a sleepover. Too bad I'll probably be so drunk I'll pass out the minute I get home.



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