Friday, September 19, 2008

Remind me never to drink on a Thursday night

"Operation: Build Relationships with those down South" started last night with one of the girls I've known for years but have never had the opportunity to get together with her much because, well, she lives down south.

One of the companies I work for was throwing an in-house party at a bar that the bachelor from a few seasons ago, Brad Womack, owns. A guy I worked with a few weekends ago invited me so Kr*stina was my date. I was hoping upon hoping Brad would show up just so I could be a total dork and say I've met him. He didn't and I was totally disappointed. Maybe he did later but we took off once it was clear everybody was past the point of coherency. While we were there we lived it up and had a great time any way with alcohol paid for and the Miller Lite girls handing out ironically the very thing I was drinking to boot. Besides, I'd never been to THAT bar of his before.

Afterwards we took off to a September Soiree event at MayaStar, a local boutique store with designs from artists all over. They had champagne, sushi, and a local hairdresser creating and teaching hair updos. We ended up having our hair teased into total Hills hairstyles (hers, mine), drinking wine, eating edamame, and enjoying the gorgeous jewelry and dresses they had on display.

Since the sushi was all gone by the time we got to Maya and the party food back at the bar didn't look too appetizing we were still starving. We walked our wine (open container law, anyone?) and ourselves to Homeslice for margherita pizza. Mmmm.

Then once we realized it was ELEVEN THIRTY on a freakin' Thursday night, we hightailed it out of there. We had a BLAST and yapped waaaayyyy too much on wayyyyyy too many tmi subjects, but it was so much fun getting to know her that much more. I already know I love her, it's just fun to find out more of the reasons why.


L said...

What a fun girlie night! I love that I know Homeslice so I can picture you there. :)

Ashley said...

Ohhhh I LOVE homeslice! Yummy! Sounds like a fabulous night!


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