Saturday, September 27, 2008


Saw this on Beth's blog and loved it! So I'm doing one for muah. You enter your name into google, followed by the word needs and then copy and paste the top 10 entries.

Rose needs you! (yes I do)
Rose needs a home (yes she does)
Rose needs to move to Europe (absolutely)
Rose needs anger management (hahahahaha,  rolling on the floor now)
Rose needs an oxygen mask (because of my anger?)
Rose needs a refill on Flickr (Rose needs a refill on ALL photo applications)
Rose needs the rain (not so much)
Rose needs to grow (maybe that's what I need the rain for)
Rose needs a name (pretty sure I have one)
Rose needs a drummer (who drums to the beat of my own dance=)


Ashley said...

HAHA that is awesome! Here's mine:

Ashley needs to keep wearing stuff like this (hmm, in ref to Ashley Olsen; I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit!)

Ashley needs you like water in her lungs (I often put coffee down there but for some reason my lungs don't like that either)

Ashley needs an escape (oh hell yeah)

Ashley needs help in confessions of a match makemaker (I don't believe in matchmaking?!)

Ashley needs to get something off her chest (dude, I work in HR, I always need to get something off my chest!)

Ashley needs prayer (I do? Uh oh...)

Ashley needs to get a new agent (I have an agent?! Sweet!)

Ashley needs a singer (for whatever that agent is doing for me, I'm sure)

Ashley needs a sister (hmm I have one already and I like retaining my wardrobe without items gone missing)

Ashley needs more support (sure, for whatever that singer and agent is doing)

Alyssa Turner said...

Alyssa needs to be a better bitch (I thought I was doing a pretty good job already)

Alyssa Needs help ( help cleaning my house I hope)

Alyssa needs to wax or bleach her hairy arms (yikes!)

Alyssa needs to get over mono ( i hope that never comes true)

Alyssa needs to get some professional help (don't we all?)

Alyssa needs a good plumber ( the toilet has been clogging allot lately)

Alyssa needs to lose some clothes and score some double penetration (again YIKES!)

Alyssa needs an exorcist (beginning to wish I had a differnt better name???)

Alyssa needs advice/ guidline about talking in class ( I am not taking a class however if I was I probably would be talking too much)

Alyssa needs chocolate (now that is a good one to end on, off to get some chocolate!)

myminiheart said...

this is nice, i make a post for my blog.. thanks, i need to do more readings here in your blog, im a newbie here


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