Monday, September 22, 2008

Snap My Picture

Has anybody else noticed how picture taking has become part of the event? Instead of capturing the event picture taking in itself has become an intricate part of the good times. Saturday night way past the point of drunk. All of us having a blast at one of Austin's clubs that somehow managed to be a lounge, club, and bar all in one and did it well with an open air roof, flowy white material, and wide, comfy lounges. I'm pretty sure picture taking and seeing how goofy, crazy, or sexy we could make ourselves in them was one of the highlights of the nights. Besides being with the girls, laughing, talking, and dancing the night away. : )

You so thought I'd have a picture down here didn't you? The truth is my iphoto is so overloaded with the 20,000 photographs it has in it that the minute I upload it the processing capability of my computer slows to a snails pace. Instead of spending the next hour on here doing that I'm going to bed.


Elle said...

Oooh, I cant wait to see those pics!!

Sounds like my kind of place!!


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