Monday, October 13, 2008

Like lightning

You know how I've been complaining about putting up pictures and what not lately? It takes sooooo long to do anything on here that I normally end up clicking and doing something else for a few minutes until it finishes loading. Well, Brando's computer tech guy friend and his wife came over on Saturday for dinner. He sat down at my computer for a few seconds and told Brando it was so slow because I only have 512 mb of RAM on my computer. I'm supposed to have 2 gigs. He said the ram itself is inexpensive, but you'd have to have a special tool to put it in.  After Brando called the M*c storeand they told him it would be $120 for them to do it, he went to B*st Buy instead for the stick and somehow figured out how to put it in himself. For $30 I have practically a new computer that works wayyyy faster. Now after a tenth of the time I normally spend on here between doing other things I am all caught up on all my blogs, and heck I even blogged. Whoohoo! I'm out of here.



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