Sunday, July 19, 2009

Austin Bloggirls!

So much fun to meet Caitlin and see Dani again! This is us, attempting to catch the Fashion Week event at Soigne Boutique. Not so much luck there! But we did have a delightful dinner at Trudy's that involved many things being thrown at us. I swear it was like a war zone in there! Note to us, girls, don't sit at a corner table at Trudy's : ) . So sad for the rest of you who were intending on coming and weren't able to. Next time! Had so much fun and can't wait to do it again, girls!


Elizabeth said...

I'll definitely keep my eye out here for the next event--I'm so sorry I couldn't make it!

I wish I could go to the big meetup, but it looks like I have to go to San Antonio that day. Too bad--I can walk to the Four Seasons from where I live. I'll see about rearranging my schedule though!

daniela said...

aww rose, you are a total sweetheart! it's been a weird year since i've left chicago and every now and then, i just reallyyy miss my old roomies and group of friends. it was good seeing you, hope we have another meetup soon! :)


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