Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Little Tired

It's been a busy year. Busy with friends, weekend plans, and fun. I can only think of one weekend that we had free with nothing planned, but then it got filled up. But I'm a little tired. I've gone out four times in the last week and stayed out until 3 or 4am, and I think it's been the final straw that has worn me down. I'm ready to just relax and be HOME for a little bit. Take in the simple pleasures of life for a little while rather than the grand gestures. Discover my own town a little more. I love doing that. California isn't really in the works this year. My parents are working double time in this economy, and Brando's Mom is working full time for the first time ever since I've known her. We could go and make it a little vacation, but I would be a little sad if we were out there and weren't able to see them. I'd rather stay here just to be together and have it not be so much work.

On my list for this summer:
*Hamilton Pool (I've been wanting to go SO bad!!)
*Movies in the pool at Deep Eddy
*Blues on the Green at Zilker Park
*The Music Man at Zilker Hillside
*Six Flags

Maybe these for a little while... then I'll be back in the mood for planning grand adventures.


L said...

My gosh girl, I'm single and I hardly ever stay out that late! ;) I hope you have a restful, very enjoyable holiday weekend!!


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