Sunday, July 12, 2009

I don't know, something amazing I guess

At any one point in time something amazing is happening in the world. This weekend I have been so grateful for my something amazing happening right here, right now in my own quiet little world. It doesn't appear to be amazing to the outside world, or to me even. It being time with my family, my amazing hubby who bends over backwards for me doing everything I shouldn't be doing, the massage he scheduled not once, not twice, but three times simply because I didn't feel up to going to the first two appointment times he had scheduled, the movies and treats he ran out to get, the massages he gave me, the plans he made with the boys, the outings he planned with all of us. These are truly precious to me. I'm glad I had a whole weekend where I was literally forced to sit back and experience them. A small piece of what my life would be without me making the plans and dictating what we do, just sitting back and enjoying. I love the amazing, too, and can not WAIT to get back to it, but I have so enjoyed the quiet amazing this weekend.

As far as being literally forced to enjoy the weekend, or actually four day vacation (yay, Brando!), going to the chiro literally made my back so bad I woke up in tears the next morning and was heavily drugged for the next two days just to bear the pain. The original pain is gone I think unless the all over back pain that replaced it once I went to the chiro is drowning out the original pain. It has slowly gotten better by taking muscle relaxants and not doing ANYthing to make it worse and I'm so hoping it will heal completely soon!

The title quote is for Sami... can anyone guess where it came from?


L said...

Quiet amazing is wonderful. I've had a lot of that this past week at home, and it's really grounding. It makes me wish my life wasn't so crazybusyfun all the time. Real life is slow sometimes and the most amazing is in the ordinary moments with people you really love.

Jill Pilgrim said...

That sounds wonderful.

DavaoBase said...
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