Friday, July 17, 2009

Austin Fashion Week

Matt Swinney, formerly of Rare magazine, brainstormed Austin's First Annual Fashion Week that is going on this week. Owners of small business, artists, crafters, designers, hair stylists, have all jumped on board to create one incredible week of subsequent, overlapping, and same time events all over Austin. On Thursday alone there were over fifty events taking place in Austin.

Diane Petkoff, of Tasty Jewelry, my favorite jeweler in town emailed her clients to let us know she would be participating in one of these shows, and included a link to Austin Fashion Week. I'm not sure how the other people who showed up at these events found out about AFW '09, but that's how I found out. The friends I brought to each event found out through me. A few of the ones I've been able to go to were over the top amazing, a few of the ones I went to were mediocre, and a few others weren't worth it.

The first opportunity I had to experience Austin's own Fashion Week was Wednesday, so I hopped on the AFW site and checked out which ones I wanted to go to. The choices were slightly overwhelming and I felt I needed to bring a friend along to make it worthy my while in case any one I attended turned out to be a total dive. I coerced the A*stin Blogg*rls to join me to the first one after our get together at dinner. We went to the fashion show at Wish boutique on 12th Street in central Austin. Unfortunately we caught it just as the models were walking out and Kenichi and Cover 3 who hosted the catering were closing down their sushi and drink bar. They did have a swank set up, their boutique is amazing with prices way too high for my budget but for whoever's budget they do fit in they are going to be extremely fashionable in a way that is trendy, but at the same time will always come back in style. Everybody was dressed in high fashion wear which made the three of us were very underdressed for the occasion. The overall atmosphere seemed very high fashion week to me, and resulted in my excitement for the rest of the events of Fashion Week!

Still to come... reviews for Austin Handmade, Silhouette, Qua, Kisma, and Waterstone Aesthetics Fashion Week events!


L said...


Texan Couture said...

Very cool! Wish is based out of New Orleans and my roomate during college was a manager at their sister store in canal place.

Patty Ann said...

i freakin' love austin.

pinksundrops said...

Agh! Erin, I wish I meant Wish, but I actually meant Soigne. I tried to edit it earlier but blogger was being flaky. I did go to Wish's fashion week event today, but they did not have a fashion show! Just cupcakes from Hey Cupcake and Izzes! And adorable earrings : ) .

Jill Pilgrim said...

Oh,that sounds awesome!

Also, my verification word was panced. It made me laugh. I'm twelve.


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