Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living in the Now

A quote from Lipstick Jungle that is giving me a lot to think on:

"I had a great yoga master who pointed out that I was always living in the past, and he helped me focus on using the present tense. Never I was, they said, they knew, just here, now, in this moment."

Speaking of living in the now, I am so excited to go to Cissi's Market tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 22nd, for the celebration of the release of Julie & Julia with Mai! I only just heard of this movie yesterday, since Alamo Drafthouse is doing an event for the occasion as well and sent me an email about it. As Mai so sweetly extended the offer, so shall I. Leave a comment if you want to meet up and go tomorrow night to the Cissi's event!!

Another HUGE event I am SO excited about going to is the Austin Bloggers Bleet-up, the brainchild of Austin Eavesdropper. You must RSVP if you want to go. The entire event sounds exciting. Meeting bloggers out of my genre will totally push me out of my comfort box, but totally excites me just the same! Let me know if you want to go and meet up!


daniela said...

hey rose! yay, you're going to cissi's tonight. :)
i just got my confirmation for that event and for the bleet-up. see you there!

Skippy said...

Ah I keep seeing previews for Julie & Julia. Post if it's worth seeing! I need some more happy movies to watch :) (Also, love that quote!)

pinksundrops said...

Hi Dani! Had so much fun seeing you there!

Skippy - Another of my favorite happy cooking movies is Tortilla Soup, and No Reservations (the old film, and the new film). I clicked on your profile to return the favor for your sweet comment, but didn't see a link to a blog. Do you have one?


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