Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekends I Love

So many AWESOME events going on this week, including the fabulous three free ones tomorrow (see previous post), Wednesday, September 23rd!! All QUITE fabulousness that my dear friends, I am sorry to say, I will see little of.

You see there's this little thing called school that has been occupying my lovely, little life lately with all sorts of fabulous new friends I study with, eat lunch with, lament and hurrah about study-filled weekends with, and generally am fully occupied with. Thus, my sweet events I love so, so dearly are suffering from my absence. oh, economy, don't ever be in such a good spot that these ah-mazing events go away. In fact, may they stay around to keep the balance of our economy firmly planted.

Pictures of our last fabulousness excursion at Alamo Drafthouse.
Watching the incredibly awesome September Issue - an absolute must see. It's the documentary style movie of Anna Wintour, real life Devil Wears Prada, the editor of Vogue. Only I venture to say it is wayyyyy better than Devil Wears Prada, and believe it or not, Anna Wintour herself is even more frighteningly powerful - definitely a fascinating look into the behind the scenes of the fashion world.
Our delicious hummus plate with olive oil, fresh, crisp veggies, warm slices of pita bread, and lemonade at the Alamo. Who knew Alamo could do healthy? Oh, who am I kidding, Alamo can do it all.
We had a bit of an incident with our umbrellas. Mai and I were sad because ours were broken. Pout.Dani and Kiley, on the other hand, were the happiest of happiest with their fun, colorful umbrellas. And, wow, they did fabulous at that photo - I laugh every time I look at it.This picture is permanently impressed upon my mind as a bittersweet memory until Mai gets back from Australia!!


Anonymous said...

hey! i miss you guys soo much!! THE EVENTS POSTED SOUND AMAZING!! so bummed i'm missing out!
can you round up everyone's addresses so i can send ya'll postcards? e-mail them to me if you can! xoxoxox


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