Friday, September 11, 2009

Three Weeks Worth

Wow, these last two weeks have been quite a whirlwind. Full time school started for me, we moved into a home and new neighborhood, school started for the boys, not to mention sports, and cub scouts started again. I've met and am attempting to maintain many new relationships, while trying to maintain the old and hanging desperately onto the girls that keep me afloat.

Here is a quick overview of the fun events we've attended the last few weeks. After this, I'm going to start with events happening now! Whee!
Finishing up after Fado's shifty - we carpooled over to Austin's Handmade Event where we always have a blast coveting most of which we can't afford.
A random afternoon lunch at Guero's with Genie - excellent for people watching.
Watching Julie & Julia at the Alamo with Mai and Dilly.
The Alamo's homemade peanut butter cups are AHmazing.
Blu's ultra suave interior. Loved the comfy seating areas combined with cool, clean lines.
Lunch at Blu and shopping Second Street district with Anie. Delicious fresh mozzarella and prosciutto bruschette, chicken, apple, walnut, and bleu cheese salad, and chicken pesto panini. Quite easily one of my favorite restaurants in Austin. Can't wait to try their crepes!
St. Bernard's. I almost died of happiness walking in here. It felt like walking in O'Neill, or Rip Curl in Santa Cruz. All my favorite brands - Roxy, O'Neill, Billabong, Hurley, Volcom, to name a few. Odd thing is they are actually a sports store and the entire back section has work out wear, as well as a side section that has board gear. But the front section is loaded with my kind of wear!
Teuscher Chocolates - imported from Switzerland. Didn't actually try them, as Anie bought coffee here.
My girl, Anie, and I, hopping Second Street and cooling off with smoothies from Froots

Delish!Shakes' Grand Opening with Orange Dreamsicle milkshakes that were delicious! They are on a very hard to see corner on Congress, but if you do happen to spot them and need an afternoon pick me up it's an excellent place to do it!
At Frank's after Delish!Shakes. Help! We're in a phone booth and we can't get out!
What an amazing view of the city from such an unassuming location!
After Delish!Shakes we hit up Frank's hot dog joint for some veggie burgers and yummy waffle fries. Couldn't tell much difference in the Frank's special dipping sauce and buffalo dipping sauce but they were good nonetheless. The veggie dogs were - eh. Not much flavor, but smothered in yumminess they were palpable. Can't wait to go back and try the beef hot dogs!

At Parts & Labour's trunk show. Oh my word, these little s'mores in the center behind the square brownie bites, were completely irresistible. The melt in your mouth chocolate, combined with the sweet, perfectly gooey marshmallow and crunchy graham cracker, had all of us eating way more than we should have.
Parts & Labour threw one of my most favorite bashes ever as a trunk show with Dripping Springs Vodka and pink lemonade, Blue Note Bakery desserts, and chair massages (Mai had to experience her first one!). Mai, Dani, and I unanimously agreed that we liked EVERYthing in their store. All handmade, all by local artists, and all very high quality. I loved their cute little set ups and displays for it all as well. Dani and I both winning prizes sweetened the deal even further.
Yay! Kiley came with to join us for a Saturday! We ate at yummy Polvos.
Then, Erin and David joined us and we hit up Sugar Mama's for their 1st Birthday celebration. They gave away free cupcakes, but they were vegan and very dry. I'd heard about their awesome real cupcakes from Mai, though, so Dani and I bought one with cream cheese icing and it was oh. so. yummy. and oh. so. moist. I loved the little creek area behind the store and can imagine sitting there on a cool fall day eating my cupcake and swinging my feet over the ledge.

We chilled a little while at Mai's where I found this pretty church,
before heading on over to Austin Flash Mob's Annual Pillow Fight at the Bat Bridge.

The crazy scene unfolds... this first one is my favorite.
That would be all five of us with Mai ducking in the middle protecting herself from possibly Dani, Erin, and I. David was defenseless, but joined in the fun any way.
Being attacked by Mai. It was scary.
The scene unfolds.
The onlookers on the bridge look on. Possibly quite bewildered.

And that is my last three weeks in one neat little *cou-big-gh* post. Soon to come is our adventures this evening at y&i boutique - an event I'm so eager to post about that it motivated me to get the rest of the month updated!


L said...

All that delicious food is making my hungry. Especially those smore bites, the bruschette, the panini, Sugar Mamas . . ok, all of it! That Parts and Labour store sounds adorable!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

What fun! The food looks great.

zenisin said...

Ha ha. And I thought I wwas busy! I just posted almost the exact same post. 2 weeks worth! You look like youve been doin alot of fun stuff. Love all the places you and your friends go and check out. Lots of cool adventures! Love it! ~Angie


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