Friday, September 11, 2009

Austin Tidbits Fall Fete at y&i

Last night got me so excited about posting, I just couldn't give that last post time to soak in! Austin Tidbits (a site I just now discovered while looking up the origins of their event at y&i) threw a Fall Fete this Thursday at y&i - a clothing store on the north end of South Congress I've been dying to visit but just hadn't made it up that far on South Congress yet. Fortunately Dripping Springs offering coffee liquer vodkas,
cosmos, martinis, Mama Fu's amazing basil spring rolls - so light and healthy tasting,
and seared ahi tuna,
made it super easy to get on over there already.

I instantly fell in love with y&i's sweet mix of Texan and California style (yes, that is Mai improving it with both drinks)
and Texan and California prices as well. Read: some items are actually affordable, versus Texan high couture tends to be way overpriced. Yes, that's me saying shopping is WAY more affordable, and WAY more accessibly stylish in Cali than Texas. Thanks, in large part to fashion week and all the amazing women entrepeneurs I'm slowly discovering in town, Texas is definitely on it's way! One of the owners, Robin Boesch, unpretentious attitude and introduction of herself to us was a pleasant surprise. Completely down to earth, and real, and more than happy to discuss the fact she was looking to provide high fashion for a reasonable price.
I love their setup - clean and simple without being too stark.
Just enough product to have more and more to ooh and ahh over at every turn, but not enough to feel overwhelmed.
Speaking of ooohing and ahhhing the gift bags - oh, the gift bags! y&i gave out gift bags to the first fifty customers and Mai, Dani, and I were lucky enough to be one of those first fifty.
Okay, we planned. C'mon now, you know me and crowds better - I like to get there before the crowd and stake my claim, then clearout just as the rest of the world discovers what I've already experienced. We saved checking out the bags for when we got home - tons of Hollywood goodies, bangles, earrings, hair product from Kevin Murphy and Tisa at Salon Aura, as well as a therapy treatment and blowout from Tisa as well. Can't wait to try that out! Other fun things in the bag included Garment Guard, Tip Toes, Gal Pals garment protector, Pocksie, Low Beams, the Strapper, and possibly my favorite - a gift certificate to y&i!! Totally excited to use them all and review them as I do : ) !!
We did decide to sit down and peek thru the loot a little while we were still there,
before we took off for the Austin Tweet Up social!! Yay!

Submerged hosted Austin's Tweet Up social this Thursday evening, which was basically a big social excuse to meet up with Stephanie from Colours Marie again.
We ended up chatting with her most of the night and her sweet boy, Tim,
except for a short break when I snagged Lori at As You Wish doing the photo booth and made us take a picture holding a frame.
After a quick Amy's ice cream run we called it a night, until The September Issue, and dinner tomorrow! If you want to join text me if you have my cell number, or leave a comment with your email address.


L said...

Ooh that place looks cute. Love the peacock top! I'm anxious to hear your reviews of some of those products. I sure wish I could have an Amy's run, love that place!

zenisin said...

Can you please send me the white tank with the orange and green flowers? ha ha Just kidding! Love that store!!!!!!! Great clothes and Im loving the tank with the peacock feathers! ~Angie

Patty Ann said...

i am officially jealous. in a good way :)

i'm bacheloretting in austin! we should do bacheloretting/blogger meetup!

pinksundrops said...

L, I'm totally in love with the peacock top as well!! Wish I had checked the price. I may be back to get it!

Angie, that's a dress!! Isn't it adorable? You'll have to check out their California stores. There's one in Palo Alto, and I think San Francisco!

Patty Ann, Yes, we should!! What weekend? I'll get it going on the group and the blogs.

Patty Ann said...

yes!!! first weekend in november! i'll give you more deets as i well, find out about them :)


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