Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can Anything Top That Last Post?

I think not. However, this was a darn wonderful date enjoying an all expenses paid dinner at the Driskill Grill where each bite was a culinary adventure in and of itself. Thanks again to Cory Ryan and The Cupcake Bar for the tickets to the Tribeza Wedding Day at the Driskill where I won the gift certificate to afford this "chef's choice" dinner.
On our way!
Yummy Charcuterie Plate of cheeses, meats including prosciutto and carpaccio, marinated vegetables, and bread. The rest was so yummy, and the company so enjoyable that I didn't even take the time to take photos of the food.Our cozy booth - felt like we were in an old time movie scene.
Saying hi to a friend.
Elevator scene - I love this photo. Reminds me of all the elevator scenes they do in TV shows nowadays, with Grey's Anatomy being the pioneer.
On our way to explore the top floor of the Driskill.
Too bad the roof access was locked, but we had fun at the top of the Driskill any way. Can't wait to stay there for a special occasion!
Watching Spazmatics at Cedar Street Courtyard after our Driskill adventure. Brando's first time and he LOVEd it.


L said...

I love your dress! The food looks delish and the evening sounds fun!

Goldilocks said...

LOVE your dress!!! And what a wonderful evening! It might not compare to the last post, but it sure comes close - you're always FABULOUS dahling!!!

linda said...

LOVE your dress.
sounds like an awesome date :) you're looking lovely and i miss your blog!

pinksundrops said...

L - Thanks! The food, and the night, was amazing!

Goldilocks - Thanks, I love it, too! The experience absolutely did come close as well : ) .

Linda - Thanks, girl! That definitely seems to be the general consensus :) . Thanks for letting me know you miss my blog. I adore yours! I'm giving mobile posting a trial to see how well it fits my blog and busy lifestyle, suggestion of the lovely Goldilocks, so we shall see how it goes to get me posting more often!


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