Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh How I Miss Being Able To Be Computer Obsessed

My arm has started acting up again. Perhaps I never mentioned that it has been acting up. I was doing a good thing and volunteering for a local low cost veterinary clinic. One of my activities was sending out emails for three hours straight on a very non-ergonomic computer setup. Read: missing arm rest on my right side, and a thumb clicker mouse. I knew I needed to stop while sending the emails. My back hurt something fierce, but, just like me, I kept going. I had three hours and darn it all I was going to finish it.

The next day my arm starting hurting. Three doctors visits later and possible diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis, I find out it's radial nerve compression syndrome which translates to a nerve being irritated causing lots of burning, numbness, tightness, and eventually shoulder soreness.

Four months later and weeks of braces and occupational therapy appointments later it still flares up as bad as it did in the beginning. When I went on vacation, it felt amazing. Back to normal! When I got back I conveniently forgot my occupational therapist appointments, fell off my exercises train, and went straight back into facebooking and blogging mode like a kid in a candy store. Immediately, it flared up back to square one, and now the therapist has told me I need to stay off the computer more or be looking at surgery. Either way, she let me know I'll be dealing with this for a long while - the next ten years while. I see her again tomorrow and I am bound and determined to keep up the exercises I need to, stay off facebook as much as I can (five minutes a week shouldn't hurt and is really all facebook needs), blog quickly and effectively, and get my arm healed!!


Liz said...

Oh, to be off facebook is just awful! Almost as awful as the pain you're feeling! Why are we all so addicted?! Hope you feel better soon.

Sonya said...

Hope you heal quickly! I had to go to physio after breaking my wrist a number of years ago and just like you, once it started to feel normal I "forgot" to keep doing the exercises. I soon realized what a mistake that had been and made a concerted effort to keep at it until it actually WAS better. It took about a year but since then I've had no more problems with it.

L said...

Wow! That sounds awful! It sounds like such a strange command from a doctor, to stay off the internet for a physical problem. Take care of yourself and do your exercises, girl! Miss having you blog more often. I'm so sorry this could be a chronic thing for you.

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

I hope you feel better soon! Especially with a nerve issue you would hate it to become permanent or get surgery. Since you are such an amazing writer etc have you ever considered a voice recognition software. I know a lot of my colleagues use this one Dragon Basic Home(I personally just have seen them use it don't have it myself but I've been considering). Seems a reasonable cost...and my friends have said it takes only a day to get used to and is super easy to use though I'm guessing by your blog you are more technical savvy than me. Might be worth it :)

Ashley said...

Babe, that is no fun whatsoever. Hope you feel better soon love.

P.S. I'm presenting you with two awards. :) Please take them!

<3 Ash

Ashley said...

P.S.S. We have all missed you!

pinksundrops said...

Liz - I wonder the same thing myself! When I'm away from fb, it hardly crosses my mind. The minute I click on a link from my email, though, I'm sucked in.

Sonya - I'm so hoping I can continue to be diligent! I've discovered my iphone aggravates it the most, so I am staying completely off it.

L - Thanks, girl. It is awful. Mostly it's the thumb action those things require she wants me to stay away from :( .

Teagan - We downloaded Vlingo yesterday onto my iPhone, but it doesn't understand me very well. Neither did Dragon Speak. I think I'm too conversational :) . Any way, that's when I realized any little amount of being on the iPhone sends my arm into aggravating pain.

Ashley - Thanks, girl. It is no fun. And WOW!! Thank you SOOO much for the awards. Love them and posted right away :) !


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