Saturday, March 05, 2011

So Many Choices So Little Time

This spring break we have been debating spending time in Napa, Pismo Beach, Yosemite, or Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is for the kiddos with the snow, Napa would be for wine, Yosemite would be for hiking, and Pismo would be for wine, beach, hiking, AND wine. So obviously Pismo wins.

I have been wanting to do Napa forEVER, but I think there's a reason I haven't done it yet. I don't really want to. I'm not *that* into wine these days since wine gives me a killer headache the next day and counts me out for the day, even with one glass. Recently I found out I'm allergic to the tannins in wine. Tannins are added for flavor, and I discovered that Pinot Noir has super low tannins, especially the least expensive ones. Perfect! Of course, only being able to drink one option of wine doesn't make for a very exciting trip to Napa. Besides, I'm more of a mountain and beach girl, than a valley girl I am realizing. The idea of spending my vacation time drinking something that generally gives me a headache and being surrounded by mountains that I'm not on, as well as the nearest beach being more than three hours away has started to sound less appealing to me.

Yosemite presents a similar problem. Though there is FANTASTIC hiking - which I am not up to par for at the moment - the closest beach is even farther away, and hiking seems the only option. That and gorgeous views of waterfalls.

Lake Tahoe is a must-do, but not as a getaway for Brando and I. We'll hit the slopes with the kids there and possibly try some snow mobiling and zip lining this time.

If you can't tell by now, I'm an options girl. After weeks of research on Napa and finding only winery after winery, I was completely ECSTATIC just now when I started my research for Pismo Beach. The options I found within half an hour of research blow my mind and have me absolutely giddy. As always, I've found too much to do.

Hearst Castle
Sycamore Mineral Springs (for the hot springs jacuzzis)
Wine Tasting (specifically Edna Valley Winery overlooking Islay Hill, a dormant volcano)
Corralina Coves for tidepooling
Montana de Oro State Park for horse back riding
Elephant Seal Beach at San Simeon
Moonstone Beach Drive boardwalk along the beach
Paso Robles Wine Events
ATV Riding on the sand dunes and along the water
Hang Gliding
Kayaking (in a bird sanctuary with pelicans)
Sea Lions at Avila Beach Drive
Morro Rock at low tide
Jet Skiing
High Speed Boat Ride coastal tour
Bike Cruisers (love doing this along the beach)
Hummer Sand Dune tours

I'll have to choose between the activities, I'm sure, as try as I might we couldn't quite possibly do them all and actually enjoy them all. As I went through that list I found even MORE to do that I added above and am now so over the top excited I actually squealed and Shawners asked if that was a cat. And the best part? My Aunt has a vacation home we can use there. Now to just figure out what days to be there, and what days to be at the snow.


Sonya said...

Oh my goodness! Pismo Beach sounds amazing! Although I've been dying to go to Yosemite ever since watching Oprah's adventures there. You're right...there are just too many places to check out and too little time!

pinksundrops said...

Ooh, Sonya, I'll have to check out Oprah's adventures there. Didn't realize she'd made anything on it. Maybe there's more to Yosemite than I thought!

a tall sassy gal said...

I am partial of course to Lake Tahoe since we got married there and love it.

Is is just you and Brando? I think i got confused. It is a romantic place for sure. :)

pinksundrops said...

TSG - We take the kids to the grandparents in our hometown in Cali, spend a day to a few days with them, then take off on our own. This time we will take the kids to the snow for a few days before we come back to our hometown and take off. Since our anniversary date in November is so busy with Thanksgiving and birthdays, we celebrate our anniversary over Spring Break. So, yes, it's just Brando and I.

pinksundrops said...

Oh, and TSG, we'll take the kids to Lake Tahoe for the snow - but we end up at Northstar in Truckee at the north end of Lake Tahoe. I am hoping to actually get to the lake this time and take a relaxing photographic break there this time around : ) .

L said...

I had no idea there were so many adventures to be had in Pismo! I can’t wait to hear how the trip goes, and I have now added it to my must-visit list! So great that you can combine a visit to see your parents with a get-away for you and Brando!

Rose said...

L - I had to take out hang gliding. I realize they do it there, but I couldn't find a place to ride tandem :( . I've got a HUGE list going that I want to post at some point.

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness - Pismo Beach sounds like the place to be. I'm so jealous. Can't wait to see pictures of everything :)

<3 Ash

cayman77 said...

oh I have always dreamed of Napa Valley! would be an amazing "wine" adventure!!!

Athena said...

I'm allergic to alcohol (which is ok since I don't like beer or wine anyway!) so it'll be interesting to see how it goes when my husband, the wine enthusiast, starts asking about visiting various wineries in the area. While all the choices sound great, Pismo Beach seems to have been the perfect place! Can't wait to explore Cali!


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