Friday, December 30, 2005

The Sun Is Pink Streaked

Outside my bedroom window just before I closed the curtains to signal nightfall.

Arizona Sunset
Arizona Sunset

We had a wonderful holiday. We drove over to my Grandma's in Arizona and made it there in a day and a half. We had a comfy stay at Comfort Inn and enjoyed the hot coffee and cream before we leisurely hit the road. We arrived at Grandma's about noon on Saturday and. just. relaxed. My sister's family was there with her three boys, and my parents had driven in from California. Our boys immediately took to the golf carts as my Grandma lives in a very nice senior community intermixed with a golf course where their main form of transportation are golf carts. The house next to them even has the cutest golf cart garage! I took a ride myself that evening to get showered and refreshed for our Christmas Eve dinner and enjoyed the warm breezes of the 84 degree weather and the beautiful sunset on the way back. Grandpa even let Big Guy drive all by himself, pedals and all!

This is my sister and I being escorted off the golf course pathways by super fast old guy. We were having too much fun with this.

Christmas Eve dinner was of a Mexican origin, absolutely delicious and STUFFing. Friends of my Grandma's came over, brought tons of desserts, presents for all, and joined in the fun. Later on after they went home we opened up presents and enjoyed the oohs and ahhs. Christmas morning we woke up to a delicious Grandma only breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, and, our contribution, stollen. The boys, hubby and I opened our stockings and Santa brought the boys a present (with a note saying he'd left more at home). My stocking was stuffed full with every kind of Victoria's Secret underwear imaginable and a Borders gift certificate, the boys had their special ornaments in theirs with a few fun toys and Aslan slippers for Shawn, and Brandon had his special ornament from me and Garlic Stuffed Olives which he finished off by the next evening.

Mommy and Daddy's Stockings
The boys made these for us and put them in our stockings.

I'm not exactly sure what we did Christmas day except more eating and more relaxing. We did make the turkey and ham dinner and fussed all day over whether it was cooked or not. It was, and delicious. And we stuffed ourselves once more. Oh and I went wild with the camera and the mirror. You'll see what I mean.

Our Christmas Feast
Christmas Feast

Monday was more relaxing and then we took off for back home. Not without an honorary stop by In N Out Burger though! At 7:30pm the place was hopping and even though we'd just ate there magically appeared room for a hamburger for each. Only the best.

Phoenix, Arizona In N Out
Phoenix In N Out

We made it home Tuesday evening after a stop in Fredericksburg for Chili's, still enjoying a friend's gift, Johnson City for Christmas Light and to see PEC Headquarters all lit up.

PEC Headquarters
PEC Headquarters

Wednesday Hubby went up to the mail room and collected all the presents from his Mom which took up half the mail room, and are still taking up half our house. I'll try to find links because it's all too much to describe. She got a game table for the family, a chocolate fountain for me - ooh, don't be jealous, I'll share if you come visit, a portable office for Hubby, comfy chairs for the boys, and an extra table for all of us. So that was Wednesday. The boys love their game table and played all day, I am fascinated with my chocolate fountain and was going to break it out at the New Year's Party we were to attend tomorrow night. Turns out the host had a medical emergency on his way home from his Christmas holiday, so we'll be stopping by another party which there won't be any other kids there so more than likely we'll head home before too long and have a nice quiet evening at home. Maybe we'll break it out any way : ) .

Chocolate Fountain
My chocolate fountain - yum!

Last night Hubby and I went out on a date to... (drum roll) The Melting Pot. yes our first time, and I won't be as graphic as Alyssa was with Sephora, but it was pretty darn good. The dessert, oh the dessert. Hubby almost didn't want to stay for it as he was too stuffed, but I convinced the Melting Pot wasn't complete without dessert and once they brought out our white chocolate, caramel, bananas, and Captain Morgan Rum Banana Fosters fondue flambeed at our table with pound cake, brownies, strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, and marshmallows smothered in graham crackers and oreos, he magically seemed to find the room.

Melting Pot Dessert
Melting Pot Dessert

Pictures are up! If you need an invite to view the private ones, just email me at sundrops at gmail dot com.


island girl said...

yummy! Chocolate fountain!! I have seen those and there sure beat my electric fondue! How about you come over to my place for coffee and bring that with you :) chocolate & coffee... perfect ;)

Sounds like you had a nice christmas!! I especially like what your boys put in your stockings. heheh how sweet!!

Happy new year!!
xx amanda

beth said...

love the sunset picture and love the chocolate fundue, I'll be right over!! Happy new year, Pink. Blessings to you and that wonderful family of yours!

Laura said...

That settles it! I've GOT to get to Melting Pot. Some friends & I attempted to once, but it was closing time already. That dessert looks amazing. Glad you had a great Christmastime!

girl from florida said...

Ooohh this post made me hungry, even though I'm absolutely STUFFED from our dinner tonight! I can't wait to come visit and try your chocolate fountain. We need to make some plans :) Heehee! Didn't you LOVE the Melting Pot? It's one of my favorites! I love your stories from Christmas, it sounds amazing. You'll love looking back on this next year to see what you were up to in 2005 :) The stockings sound wonderful, I love the little toys the boys put in them, so sweet! I'd also love to see your pics, of course. Happy new year darling! xoxo

Cecilia said...

OMG!!! All these places, shops and restaurants....they all sound so familiar...and YES, I am so green with envy (and green from also being absolutely stuffed out here)...STILL! I would love to get my hands on that choco fountain....and the goodies from Chili's...and, oh, I'd love to go to Melting Pot...and to see that Arizona sunset (which I saw about 4 years ago already!)....

I love your Christmas stories. Here's looking forward to your New Year's!

*burp* pardon me! :)

Allison said...

I'm so glad yall had such a wonderful time! I'm jealous of it all! Esp Melting Pot! Mmmm....

Speaking of which, my mom bought me a fondue pot last year and I have yet yo break it out. I need to do that soon!! I.LOVE.FONDUE!


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