Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Creativity Is...

expressing a part of yourself in some tangible form." Pink Sun Drops

Girl is creative in decorating her nursery, in her passion for life, and in her passion for her relationship with her husband.

Allison is creative in redesigning her kitchen, in her passion for making other people feel worthy and worth something to this world and other people, and in her passion for the beauty of the world around her in people and in hearts.

Cecilia is creative in her choice of words, in her flow of thought, in her easy breath of silence into each stunning memoir, and in her passion to seek out the best that she can be in life.

Big Guy is creative in his use of tinker toys and legos, his choice of art subjects, his immediate pen to paper whenever the moment strikes him.

Little Guy is creative in coming up with words to rhyme with anything, his way he strives to do and be without making it a force.

I am creative in my passion for teaching my children to be able to attain their very best and it doesn't have to be anybody else's best but their own, in my passion for my family relationship, and in my love for learning.

These thoughts came to me this morning. I list everyone else's as I had to think of all the wonderful and fabulous things that make them the creative wonderful people that they are before I could realize what I myself am creative in.


beth said...

and you did it!! you are a very creative mom!! good thoughts

Allison said...

Wow this was beautiful! For a minute I thought I was at Cecilia's site! :-) You are so sweet and a great writer, and a wonderful mom and friend! I'm so glad our paths crossed...even if it was through the net! :-)

girl_from_florida said...

You are creative with this awesome post! Wow! I agree with Allison, I thought this was Cecilias site for a bit! :)

You are creative in your unique & kind outlook on life, your way with words and your communication of the love of your children. You are creative in the way you express the love for your family and make others (like myself) hope to have that one day!


Cecilia said...

Creativity doesn't even do justice to what you had written here nor to the activities that you share with your kids, with your family, and with the path you step on for your life.

It is a combination of your fervent wishes and desires, the zeal and zest for attaining the best for those around you and for yourself. These motivate you to have the get-go attitude to live in the PRESENT. And what a gift this is. For when everyone looks back they would realize that nothing can be missed: today is another day to express love and creativity, and tomorrow will be the same chance to do so. Everything and everyday are an outpouring of the past filled with your loving ingenuity.

I have stretched my comment here to what it should have been. But I want you to know how happy I am that you realize what gift you have as a friend, daughter, wife and Mother. And everyone who gets to share this with you are truly fortunate.

You are what many of us strive to be. Thank you for inspiring us.



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