Saturday, December 17, 2005

Can't Shovel the Snow for the Snowing

You know that saying, "Keeping house while your children are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing." That's just about where I feel right now.

To my left is our Christmas tree, with presents underneath, and to the left of that is a few still unopened birthday presents from LG's birthday party last week. Underneath my feet are our DVD's, the photo harddrive, my computer case, and I think there's a speaker in there somewhere, so my office chair is backed out so I have to lean forward to be typing on the computer. In front of me is piles of papers, not too horrendous, but enough to make me sigh. To my right is a new file organizer full of every kind of craft supply imaginable that my MIL bestowed upon us from Costco while she was here, and next to that, my purse, coats, hats, junk from the car that needs to be gone through, and a birthday present that needs to be wrapped for later today. My kitchen isn't too bad. There is a bag full of left over birthday party trinkets that I really should up and toss in the trash rather than take the time to go through. In my dining room I have gift wrap on the table, and plastic garbage bags underneath where I brought my plants in to keep them from freezing. My bedroom is pretty haven like, fortunently. There is a paper bag of computer stuff sitting on the trunk waiting for Hubby to go through, but I may just toss that too.

Seriously it would make me happy to throw all this junk away and start fresh. Of course I can't do that, well not all of it any way. I've been feeling this way since the second we dropped my MIL off at the airport Wednesday morning. Throw in two reading appointments, going to the snow at the local ice skating rink, two soccer lessons, a movie night at the business center, a birthday party today, and a dinner tonight, BG getting hurt inside his fort on one of Daddy's drums today, and me, well I'm not going to go there, but let's just say a part of my skin is stinging REALLY bad where it shouldn't be, and I'm a total wreck. Not physically, but mentally. And I just want. my. house. in. order.



Alyssa said...

I know how you feel. I cannot think straight when my house is unorganised. An with 4 little ones it is a constant battle!

girl from florida said...

Oh my gosh. So funny and ironic you posted this. Just last night, I was scrambling to pick up around my house before my dad gets here today. Kind of stressed, I said to my hubby... "I can barely stay afloat with my house as it is now! How in the world will I do it when I have a baby?!?!" So stressful! I don't know how you do it. Good luck cleaning and organizing... hopefully you can get some help from the kiddos :)


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