Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Little Stress

Well we haven't had a second car since we got here. The van's transmission went out on the way here and has yet to be touched. We had it in one shop, decided we didn't like their estimate, took it elsewhere, and the guy didn't even look at it til' yesterday.

Up until last week that was just fine. Hubby had his classes I could take him to and have the car. This week, not so much. He has various appointments and trying to get a second job as well which means driving to the various different job places. So this morning BG has an appt. with his nice lady at 10:15am, Hubby has an appt. at 9:30am - oops, my sister who last night said she could take me had her eleven year old throwing up all night, the other ride who said she could do it this morning had to back out when she realized she had no gas and no gas money not to be remedied til' this afternoon. Well yes a taxi would've worked if the carseats weren't still in the car and it's just not THAT important to me to have LG riding around without a carseat with somebody I don't even know. Well the lady is going to end up coming here this afternoon, thank God. Maybe that's just what we'll have to do until we get a second car, or the van back.

Not having a car SUCKS!! I'm trying not to stress about it too much but I get the feeling Hubby told the people to 'take their time'. Sure no problem. I can be without a car as long as necessary. Keeps me from getting any errands done or spending any money. Not to mention in the meantime we're going to have to rent a car while my parents are here, which they come in tonight. Oh yeah? And the sister whose son is sick? We're supposed to have Thanksgiving at their house. I just pray that the rest of us don't come down with anything, my parents are only here for three days and besides not wanting them to get sick I just want them and us to have a nice time while they're here.

ARGH Other than that things are just dandy. Really. I just needed to vent :) .


Allison said...

Vent away!! Having no vehicle SUCKS! Car problems SUCK! I totally understand your stress!

Just think, if you can't leave the house, you never have to take off that comfy new robe! :-)

Cecilia said...

Murphy's law! It's funny how sometimes when one thing goes wrong, everything does! That is just the way it is...and this is what venting out is for. So, indeed, go and vent!

Sorry to hear about hassles like this. I'd be pulling my hair by now but at least you chose to vent out first! lol

Stacey said...

Awww ... I'm so sorry! That is terrible!


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