Saturday, July 01, 2006

Devil Wears Prada Girls Night

We hit up Fire Bowl for dinner - chicken teriyaki salad, chicken with noodles and edamames (sp?), yummy! The theatre was uber crowded. We had nine of us and found a spot for six and a spot for two. So seven of us squeezed in the six seats and two of us sat behind. Read: I sat on plastic and switched cheeks between Jen's and Linz's(not their full names) seat - two of the girls that I love :) . I only went numb halfway through. Better that than all have to sit apart I figure. Linz offered to switch with me halfway thru and I told her I was already so numb it didn't matter. Hehe. The movie was fabulous and had a good ending - not necessarily what I wanted though!! The colors and fashion were so much fun to watch. We sat around for about two seconds after the movie and decided to head back to the arboretum for dessert.

It worked out with M's sister being there - she had her "plus one" other than me. When we went to the cheesecake factory it was the three of us while the others went to get ice cream. That was a fun night with the two of them as well. L will be moving in with M next month so that was fun to get to go out with her already!

There were seven of us left so we chatted by the lit up fountain and took pictures on the marble cows at night. M and I climbed up on one. My kids always climb up there and make it look easy - SO not easy ; ) . It was much easier conversation than I thought all night long. L and M had a fun time and Jen's friend she brought had a really great time.


s said...

ohh i want to see the pictures pllllease :)


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