Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shawners First Day of School

I totally cried. Brando actually took him to school as I headed to work. I flew in from San Diego last night at 11pm though so I am absolutely exhausted. When I got to work they already had two girls there so I asked if I could go home... and cry! I wish I could've gone to sleep but I haven't yet and I'll be picking Shawners up in a few minutes.

Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach by the way was AMAZING. My cousin lives on the border of Costa Mesa and is five minutes from Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. She has a Vespa we scootered around on all weekend and never left a ten mile radius of her house yet did well over thirty different things!

(totally need to edit this and add pictures, but for now...)

In order...
Ate hole in the wall pizza
boated around Balboa Island to see the celebrities houses
Newport Beach shopping
Back to A's to see her cute place
Cheesecake Factory for herb-crusted salmon and a heifeweizen
Nordstrom Rack for shopping
To the movie theatre to see No Reservations

Scootered to Newport Beach
Rented beach cruisers ( the fun colored bikes you can sit and relax on)
Biked Newport Beach
Walked the Wedge
Went in the waaaarrrm water
Stopped by a three million dollar open house with a panoramic ocean view
Stopped for lunch at BJ's and had a pazookie
Shopped at Newport Beach
Returned bikes
Napped on her lounge chair on her deck in the beautiful Costa Mesa weather
Got dressed up
Had shrimp scampi for dinner
Scootered to Balboa Island
Got Maggie Moo's
Walked on the sidewalk in front of all the beautiful waterfront houses and checked out their deco
Went dancing at Hurricanes
after checking out Blue Beet, Woody's Wharf, and a few other places
Came home and crashed

Scootered to Huntington Beach
Shopped at Huntington Beach
Walked Huntington Beach pier
Got food from Wahoo's and ate by the beach
Came home and napped on her comfy lounge chair in the beautiful Costa Mesa weather :) (sense a pattern here?)
Scootered to Newport Beach
Ferried us on the scooter over to Balboa Island
Shopped at Rachel's
Found two CUTE dresses and fun inexpensive sunglasses
Went to Rudy's for dinner
Watched Hairspray
Came home and made cookies
Talked to all hours of the night

Went to church
Scootered to the beach
Laid out
Scootered to Crystal Cove
Made reservations at the Beach Cafe where there's always an hour wait because it's right ON the beach
Walked down the shore next to the cliffs
Played in the water
Gathered BEAUTIFUL seashells
Got to the farthest corner
RAN back because our restaurant beeper was beeping us
Enjoyed a beautiful lunch all hot and sweaty from running
Picked up stuffed seals, Sammy and Sandy, for the boys from The Shop
Scootered back home
Got all dressed up in our cute new dresses
Went to the Bay Resort for dinner
Enjoyed Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio (read: raw beef) and Lobster Bisque
Checked out another club, Sutra (very much like Kama Sutra)
Came home and chatted while we packed my bags

Went to a bakery for sticky buns
Went to see A's work for a few hours and try and myspace addict her
Went to lunch at BJ's for one last pazookie
Cried at the airport.


Brandon said...

Lets see the pictures!


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