Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ended Math Class AND accepted a Job Offer in One Day!!

Whoohoo!! I am totally going to have an office, bonuses, BRAND NEW property we'll be opening up. SO. FREAKIN. EXCITING. The position I'll be in is a coveted one in the industry and I'm so in awe that I got it. And SO. EXCITED.

Last math class today! It was the final. Thanks for all the good luck wishes - I think they helped : ) . I studied last night at Starbucks and got off work early today to hit the tutor to clarify a few things before the final. I was the first one done out of the three of us study partners which surprised me - I always thought I took the longest on tests out of the three of us. Up until this point we've taken them separately though so I had no idea. Don't know what my grade is yet but I feel like I did pretty well. I double checked, changed a few answers, crossed my fingers, and had a beer with the girls when I was done.

And some awesome sex when I got home. Oh and together Brando and I with the job offers we've accepted will be pulling in well over what we figured we need to make it. On top of that we're selling our house in Marble Falls so if that sells soon we'll be able to pay off our debt. More crossed fingers!



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