Saturday, August 18, 2007

San Diego Bliss

I've only been here a day and a half but we've done SO much it feels like a week. On Thursday I arrived and we went straight to Newport Beach pier and ate hole in the wall delicious pizza and rode a boat around Balboa Island and a bunch of other little islands viewing all the celebrity houses including Nicholas Cage's house. Totally touristy and totally fun. Afterwards we went shopping because California has the best shopping ever, then home to see my cousins adorable house that is soooo relaxing to be at, then off again to cheesecake factory for salmon (go me!) and a heifewezen, more shopping, and then to the theater to see No Reservations (been dying to see that movie, so has A, it was fabulous!).

Friday we headed off on her Vespa scooter back to Newport Beach and the second pier to rent beach cruiser bikes. Mine was pink : ) . I have pictures but don't want to unplug anything on their computer to get the pictures on so they will have to wait. We cruised up and down Newport Beach for three hours stopping for lunch at BJ's brewery and more shopping. We were so tired we came home and slept outside on her recliner for an hour and a half before we had shrimp scampi at home for dinner and then headed back out to Main Street in Huntington Beach where the nightlife is. Out to Hurricane's where it took me WAY too long to get comfortable (but only two drinks!) and we got in our dancing and took off, stopping on the way home for boxes of Red Vines. Mmmm.

I've had SO much fun I could almost go home today and be completely satisfied!! The weather has been SO beautifully perfect it's amazing. I would totally consider living here. I never would want to live in Santa Cruz, but here there's a different vibe... less New Agey than Santa Cruz. Of course Brando and I not having gone to college presents more of a problem to be able to make the kind of income you need to live here. So maybe in ten years. Hehe.



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