Monday, August 27, 2007


I think this is the toughest spot I have ever been in in life. It's less emotional for me than other spots I've been in, but it is the toughest one. Brando's income is not enough to support us (and I should say, our debt). We have to have a second income to make the finances make sense. We can't afford private school much as we WANT to put the kids in private school and are terrified our little one will break if we don't. He has such a sweet tender spirit. We have to put them in public school, and not only that but YMCA afterwards in order for me to work. I am terrified of what this next year will bring and can do nothing but move forward to make sure we stay afloat and crawl out of this financial hole we've dug. Hopefully things will balance out and maybe next year we can put the kids back in private.



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