Friday, August 31, 2007


I was just thinking I should create another blog about the adventures of a homeschooling mom putting her kids in public school. Ha. Any way Shawners wanted to go to his public school today, and so off he went with his new TMNT backpack. Poor Justinbustin has had so many issues in this first week - for example, he was play wrestling with a friend and the teachers took them out of the room to tell them they were breaking the rules, on the way out to the pick up line that same friend told him he hates him, then the next day the teacher moves J to a different spot and tells him he and this other kid can't be friends. He really doesn't understand what's going on, frankly neither do I, but I suppose that's part of getting used to public school. Fortunately he's so much his own man already that it hasn't affected his demeanor, thought process or his kind heart one bit. I did talk to the school registrar and she said she had to deal with the same issues with her daughter and that I need to make sure and speak up for him, protect him, and talk to the teacher about it. I called the teacher and left a message with her this morning.

On the other hand, wow does it smell like freedom without two or even one little one running underfoot! I stopped by McD's and spent just two dollars all on myself. Yum. Normally it would be $6-8 or only $4 if I didn't want anything. Honestly though, I'm such a mean mommy I never stop by McD's any way when they're around cause it's so bad for you. I've usually left that to the grandparents to spoil them with - unfortunately they haven't been out here lately so no McD's for the boys lately.

On Wednesday when they were both at school I scrubbed my kitchen and living room from top to bottom as it had gone south while Brando has been home the last four weeks with the kids. He's taken care of picking up and laundry real well, but toilets? Are you kidding me?! They were disgusting. I wouldn't have wanted my boys to use theirs had I known how bad it was and my poor guest used theirs last week. Oh well. Off to scrub those a little more today and see what else needs dedisgustinated.

PS I am continually impressed and in awe of the amazing people that come out of different environments (public, private, homeschool, or otherwise), i.e. Courtney :) , Becky, Kels, Jen, Al, Aime, Jodi, my first professor, my sweet cousin, at the same time I have to remember the crazies in my family and Brando's and wonder where they went wrong and see if there's anything I can do with my family to make sure they get all the love and care they need, however they need it, and in whatever environment they need to make it. Does that make sense? I feel like I'm doing wrong by Shawners if I see that he needs more attention at this stage in life than he's getting in a certain environment and don't do anything about it. Personally, over the past nine months I've been doing a study of girls in different school environments and by all accounts any way they go they turn out fine - except in the cases where they go to five day a week private school their entire lives which screws with their head, especially in the teen years. Maybe I need to do a study of males in different school environments since d'oh that's what I have!!!!!!!!



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