Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Year of Seafood

I don't eat seafood.

I just don't.

Until this year. This year I decided I'm 26 I'm eating seafood or going to learn to like it whatever it takes. For my birthday I ate shrimp with Kels and stuffed down three as fast as I could while making a face as she fired twenty questions at me. When I was done, I said, "Did you HAVE to have a play by play every minute?!" The face I made was because of the texture, the shrimp itself was delicious.

Tonight we went to a dinner with Brando's study group at one of the guy's houses and they made delicious looking salmon and chicken with avocado salsa. I ate the salmon. And seconds and thirds. It was DELICIOUS. I'm so proud of myself. I'm 26 and I eat seafood.

PS Oh I got my first lease yesterday as part of my job! I got a $25 gift certificate to Pier 1 for it too!



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