Thursday, August 30, 2007

Update on school

It's funny how my oldest one seems to be craving the public school environment. A friend and he were play hitting each other yesterday and the teachers spoke to them and told them they weren't following the rules. That worked out fine, but for some reason on the way out this kid that was his friend tells him he hates him. Grreeaaaaat. Well I just told him there's somebody like that everywhere and it's too bad for those people, but it gives a warning signal that we can keep those people who get offended when we didn't do anything wrong at bay and keep the true friends who don't get offended when we don't do anything wrong close. So even after all that he says this morning he wants to attend public school over the two day a week school he did last year. I think this is going to be a good year for him.

Shawners, on the other hand, came back from school yesterday a TERROR. I have never seen him like that and I am not willing to do that to him. He was craving attention and he got no hugs all day long! Five is too young to not get a hug for eight hours. So Brando is going to figure out a night job so we can keep him in his two day a week school and hire a nanny to pick him up and for the one day of the week I'm working. Brando will have off on the weekends so he'll be able to have the kids then. He really wants to send Justinbustin to the two day a week school too, but he's really enjoying the public school so I really don't mind him staying. We'll see on that aspect.



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