Saturday, December 08, 2007

This is why I never talk on the phone during the day

I have done nothing this morning but yap. Yesterday I skipped the boys' homeschool work to study for my math final coming up on Monday. Today I was going to try and make it up while Brando is working and so we don't have to do it next week. Instead I spent the last three hours on the phone. With a friend who really needed it, so I'm not sad for her sake, but dang if I can't get anything done while I am on the phone! That's not entirely true as I did paint my toenails and later made and serve lunch, but not any of the things I really needed to get done today. I.e. my explosion of a house so when my hubbers IS home this weekend we can actually enjoy it, and the homeschool work. Thanks to my sister's recommendation my voicemail now says, "If you're hearing this message I am either homeschooling my children or working for my sister's company. Please leave a message and I will call you on my lunch break." That was after hearing me vent that my other sister and mil take it personally when I don't answer the phone. That's helped during the week, but man I wish I had more time to talk with those who are in crisis mode right now. I just feel like every ounce is taken out of me already, I squeeze anymore out and I have nothing left for what (still) needs to be done.



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