Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Recap

Found this idea over at Rachel's and wanted to see how mine would turn out!

The first sentence from the first entry of each month for 2007:

01/01/07: So many times I say that and I wonder what I really mean. (talk about a way to set off the year, maybe The Secret really is onto something from all I've heard about it)

02/01/07: We woke up this morning to Shawners in Brando's sleeping spot with legs and arms spread out.

03/01/07: Austin has an event called first thursday (yes, with no capitals) every first Thursday of the month on South Congress aka SoCo where all the local artists and musicians get together and display their wares and talents.

04/01/07: My parents had a business trip in Houston last week so we drove out Wednesday evening to have dinner with them and play at the Downtown Aquarium.

05/01/07: Next year plan Justinbustin's birthday party at the end of May when five million events are not going on.

06/02/07: Sitting here after a full day of a leadership meeting this morning, a baby shower later in the morning until the early afternoon, taking flowers to a friend who's Dad died last week (I bawled when I found out, I can't imagine her pain right now) in the afternoon, a full three hours at the pool later in the afternoon, studying for an hour and a half in the evening and finally crashing at home with a twelve pack of beer and a bottle of wine - neither of which we've cracked open yet.

07/01/07: Holy crap!

08/06/07: And that's why it's called Six Flags, Shawners says.

09/03/07: Wow we've had an awesome weekend!

10/02/07: Over the past several weeks something really really wonderful has come out of all this misery and financial hardship.

11/09/07: So we just found out though we fly out Saturday, Brando can't come out until Tuesday so he will miss two days of Disneyland : ( .

12/04/07: Tonight the boys and I put up Christmas decorations all over the house.

Oh my gosh that was so much fun to go back and see all those posts! You should try it, and then link back to it in my comments so I can go read it : ) !


Sara said...

How Fun!! I am going to do this too!!


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