Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Snowfall

Tonight the boys and I put up Christmas decorations all over the house. Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland, Silver and Gold, and Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer playing in the background. The tiny Christmas tree decorated with Department 59 red, green, and gold glass balls with Monkey hooking the ornaments on the tree and Ducky hanging them with Mommy counting off the branches, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" to decide where we might hang the next one. Christmas town square with the the tiny church, city hall, fire station, court house, and lighthouse, that the boys arranged solely on their own with only the elevation provided by Mommy. A picture of Monkey as a one year old sitting in Santa's lap with his red shirt, khaki pants, and tiny feet in red socks, framed in a wooden frame with bright red mittens hanging off hooks strung across the top. The frame Ducky created last year at Home Depot with Christmas stickers covering inch and a picture of Grandma and him in the left frame, and a picture of Oma and him in the right frame. All three of the Santa fairies: the velvet blue robe Santa fairy with shiny gold stars and gilded gold wings clutching a toy soldier for the next child he visits, the winter white Santa fairy with threaded gold ringing his shiny gold bell announcing Christmas to all, the not so Santa fairy straight and tall straight from the deep woods with his fur lined deep red coat and fresh Christmas pine needle wreath to hang on his winter cabin door. Nutcrackers lined up ready to crack nuts, or look fierce enough to make anyone believe they could. Advent calendars filled with chocolate surprises, each day with a different chocolate as delightful as snow on Christmas morning to a little one's eyes. While the boys are asleep, setting up a Christmas village in the boys' room: the tiny toy shop, the carousel gift shop, and the collectible stamp store to surprise them when they wake up in the morning. I love Christmas. My favorite part is the boys' delight that they get to help Mommy "make Christmas".

Music inspires me to blog.
Tonight it's The Music Box by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.



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