Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Christmas Present to Myself

My skin has had the hell beat out of it this summer. I've been stressed out so I have been breaking out like mad, then I don't leave it alone. The combination has wreaked havoc on my skin.  On top of that I've had no money so my face has had absolutely no products used on it and (gasp!) body soap to wash with. With my Christmas money I decided to give myself a little present: a skincare routine. With help from S, I found some things from my favorite skincare line, Dr. Hauschka, including a cleansing creme, clarifying toner, facial steam bath, revitalizing mask, and eye creme, that will hopefully get my skin on the mend.

Now that I've gone from one drastic side of using nothing to another of using everything, I'm curious. What do you use for your face routine, or do you have one?


Morgan said...

I absolutely love Dr. Hauschka. We have it at the health food store I work at and its just awesome!

girl from florida said...

I've never heard of that, I'll have to check it out! I alternated between Noxema (the old fashioned, no frills stuff) and Neutragena Anti-Wrinkle face wash. I *try* to exfoliate a few times a week as well. I am horrible and sometimes go days with not washing my face besides with normal soap! Eep! I've noticed my skin getting more fragile and my eyes are puffier in the morning as I've gotten older :(


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