Sunday, December 09, 2007

Decorating the Christmas Tree

While watching Daddy up on the step stool lighting the top of the tree Shawners says, "You could be a Grandpa when you're up that high". Mommy asks, "Because Grandpa's are that tall?" Shawners confirmed this could be the case.

I'm so proud of myself tonight~! The boys decorated the Christmas tree without me getting irritated even once! Normally they help decorate the tree, but usually there will be a point when I don't WANT all the ornaments bunched into one spot, or I don't WANT each ornament at the very end of the branches, and I let it be known. Well tonight I determined I wouldn't get irritated. Brandon must've taken a clue too because he gave up his normal tradition of putting on the lights to Justinbustin, who did a beautiful job. Both the boys and I (and Brando a little - he helped with the ornaments that were his when he was a kid) decorated the tree, with the boys doing the majority. There was once or twice I started to let them know where that ornament would go perfect, and when they balked, I told myself - does it really matter where that specific ornament goes. And you know what? They did an absolutely beautiful job. Each ornament is perfectly spaced all over and inside the tree. The lights are dispersed throughout lighting up different ornaments just right. It's the most perfect tree we've ever had. And I haven't even put the normal color coordinated ornaments on it that I normally do. I just might skip that this year.

There is one thing I must point out... Shawners likes to put ornaments at the very bottom of the tree where they are no longer in the tree but are suspended in air beneath the tree. So we have a "Shawners line" at the bottom of our tree, that is absolutely precious and enchanting all at the same time.

PS My previous post about Christmas decorations was about around the house decorations. After I reread it I realized it sounded like it was about Christmas decorations on my tree!! It wasn't! This is about the tree... hehe



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