Saturday, December 08, 2007

thanks katie!

After reading Katie's post on hairdryers I went on a googling spree on the Sedu hairdryer. I ended up finding a website with tons of positive reviews for the Sedu and how it makes frizzy hair turn back into healthy, silky, and shiny hair and started to feel hope for my frizzed out, can't-recognize-my-natural-color-anymore 'cause it's so burnt and split ended hair. Now I know what's on my Christmas wish list.

Many of the reviewers for the Sedu seemed to use their Sedu on the medium setting, so when I went to blow dry my hair with my regular blowdryer today I used the medium setting as I once used to back when I was patient with my hair. I have been using the high heat setting for a good three months now, once I figured out how quickly it dried my hair. It didn't even occur to me how much it was damaging my hair in the meantime. I actually didn't even realize it was due to the hairdryer until today - I thought it was all the straightening I do! Fortunately after using even my regular hairdryer once on the medium setting, my hair is almost recognizable again as the shiny sleek, smooth, pretty color it once was. Yay! Yay for reviews for high end hairdryers that I will have someday and yay for discovering medium heat settings on not so high end hairdryers that at least don't burn my hair and split the ends.



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