Friday, April 09, 2010

My Favorite Scene in Hawaii

Lanikai Beach

I wasn't going to post the details of our trip mostly so the "secret" places we discovered didn't leak out (as evidenced by an email TripAdvisor just sent out revealing all the "secret" places reviewers had discreetly placed on their site - my bet is they will no longer be secret and local next time they go!). If you want to know our faves email me for a list! In the meantime I was inspired by Brilliant to review some of our favorite places - the ones that already aren't so secret anymore.
Lanikai Beach was GORGEOUS.
Perfectly turquoise waters, white sand, buuuttttt... small beach as in very, very narrow. Most of it was ten feet wide at best leaving you to grab your towels and hold them in the air when the tide came in. Perhaps if I had not been expecting the #1 beach in Hawaii I might not have been so disappointed in the actual beach atmosphere. The view itself though was above and beyond my imagination.
And if I had worked myself out of my mood and the fact that there were a gazillion other people there (despite all the reviews stating hardly any people were there) I might've stayed a little longer. Instead we took in the view which I wouldn't have given up for the world and then moved on to other adventures.


linda said...

................ sigh.

Alicia said...

what an amazing vacation! So jealous of that blue blue water!

star said...

this is in Oahu right? I went to Oahu for my honeymoon and we went to Lanikai Beach. It was beautiful! It was a bit tricky to find, but it was worth it! The sand was white and the water a beautiful aqua blue. I want to go back!

pinksundrops said...

Linda - Totally agree. I do it every time.

Alicia - I have my toes painted that color now and I just want to dive in every time I look at them! Thanks for stopping by - loving all the wonderful pictures in your blog! Your tastes and mine seem so similar!

Star - Yes, it's in Oahu! It was a little difficult to find, but there were enough people going when we went that it wasn't too bad : ) . There's an even better beach nearby - email me if you go again and I"ll let you know what it is! Loving your style blog! Thanks for stopping by!

Crystal said...

Oh, we missed this when we went to Oahu! I'm seriously jonesing to go back. How crazy is it that both of us went to Oahu for our ten-year anniversaries this year? :)

star said...

I really want to back ASAP! I loved Oahu, It's amazing! I just posted my Oahu album on my blog, check it out!


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