Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely Arizona

Lately my posts have been out of state, and I love it!

This past weekend I went to Arizona to see my grandma get married. She was married to her first husband for 50 years and he passed away. She remarried to the grandpa my kids remember, divorced him, even though they still spent all their time together, then he passed away. Now she is married again to another grandpa for my kiddos. She is amazing.

My sister who lives near me and I flew out there together and enjoyed the whole weekend with my parents, my cousin whom I go visit in the OC, and my grandma and new grandpa. It was amazing. Rejuvenating. Relaxing. Wonderful. The stress melted away in less than the two days I was there. And now I am back.

I didn't realize even though I have kids I can still go see my grandma all by myself! I didn't get to visit her as I was growing up, so there's no reason I can't do that now! I can't wait for next time! As well as to explore more of the gorgeousness that is Arizona with the beautiful skyline,
the tiled mosaics of dragonflies flying aside a river along the highways,
and the gorgeous mountain ranges amidst the flatness.
I also can't wait to visit and explore the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley!


linda said...

you havent been helping my wanderlust :p

Margaret said...

great photos!
great blog too!
loving your posts
stop by some time xx

pinksundrops said...

Linda - : ) . I adore traveling!

Margaret - Thanks for the sweet compliments. Love your blog as well!

star said...

I live in AZ! The Grand Canyon is amazing! It's a must see! I have gone a few times, In the early spring is the best time to go! There's still snow in the Canyon, and it looks beautiful! I'll see if I can find some pictures from previos trips and post them on my blog!


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