Monday, June 13, 2011

Chapeaux & Champagne

Given that Brando and I had won tickets to Sunday's Chapeaux & Champagne event at Travaasa, we  had to go. We definitely had to go. Even if it meant juggling one kid from church to a friend's house to a volunteer training as well as where to leave the other one. We figured it out literally ten minutes before we arrived. One of the things I was most looking forward to was entering the hat contest, and did my internet research and around town shopping trips Friday and Saturday just to make sure I had the most unique hat in the room. The end product was gorgeous, even though I was so unsure about the actual wearing of my hat that I made Brando take photos of me before we arrived to make sure it looked just right.

Unfortunately, due to aforementioned juggling, we arrived just in time to hear the announcement of the winner of the hat contest that had already been judged prior to our arrival. I was SO sure my hat would win, that I was super looking forward to being a part of the contest for a night for two at the beautiful Travaasa hotel in our backyard, especially with how Brando and I love our in town nights alone. And I totally would have won because the winning hat paled in comparison to my attempt at a work of art (no offense, sweet lady with the winning hat, if you read this!). But, alas, it was not to be. Fortunately, I was completely gratified for my hat making adventures of copying this gorgeous hat here by the no less than twenty compliments I received on my hat from nine out of ten girls that walked past me. Yes, I am a girl, and, yes, that made me happy and made all my work worth it.
Despite not being a part of the contest, Brando and I had a lovely time learning about an amazing group of people, Grounded in Music, who involve kids in music who may otherwise not have an opportunity to--I only wish the kids were there, as the video they had playing was so inspiring with how into it and happy the kids were, but seeing them play in person would have been amazing,

 as well as trying different delicious champagnes, none of which gave me a headache, thank goodness, and touring the grounds.

After our initial tasting of champagnes we stepped outside the perfect reception or wedding venue at Travaasa where the event was held,

and explored and relaxed on the patio with their beautiful all encompassing hill country and lake view.

Afterwards, the ever so gracious and world traveled, as well as lived, general manager of the Austin location of Travaasa (the other located in Hana, Maui), Tim, took us on a tour including their infinity pool, again with that gorgeous lake view,

and the hotel rooms.
Their mission is to be a destination spa with activities that are not only relaxing,

but unique, adventurous, and able to immerse you in a whole new culture. Go there not only to relax, but to learn something new, and come away with a deeper appreciation for a part of life you only wondered about before. Totally my kind of place.
After our tour, we sampled the appetizers offered, which, if it's any indication of the food they serve on a regular basis, was absolutely delicious,
tried some more champagne, including their special flavored champagnes with champagne poured over orange raspberry syrup (I only hope this is a regular occurrence there),
and chatted with Tim, and the director of sales, Amy, for a good bit before taking off. I love places that can make you feel as if you had a weekend away in an afternoon, and this was definitely one of those places.

Before we left, I snagged Heather, another girl who had a gorgeous, unique fascinator on, and asked her to take a picture with me to record more of the oh so fun fascinators and hats that wwer there. If I didn't have a man, she might've thought I was hitting on her by my catching her eyes and smiling from across the room, but her outfit was just too cute to not capture. I only wish I had gotten the full detail of the dress and the adorable, and oh so perfect, cowboy boots in the photo.
 Apparently this is me telling someone how perfect their entire outfit is. You're welcome for that moment.
And this is us pretending we're long time friends. It totally worked.


A Fabulous Life said...

How fun!!! Sorry that you were fashionable late for the hat contest!
You looked absolutely gorgeous I love the profile picture and your hat!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

You look beautiful! Seriously when I saw the first picture with the AMAZING hat I was giddy with excitement to see more pictures. What a fun event. xo

linda said...

What theatrical fun!!

Colleen said...

First of all... your hat is wicked cool! You would have won for sure.

Second, I am so jealous that you got to go to Travaasa. The photos are breathtaking. Someday I will make it out there... someday

Anonymous said...

I love the hats!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Girls - Hope you got my emails! Let me know if you didn't. xo

Laura said...

Looks like such a fun event! Glad you were able to attend. That dress is stunning, by the way.

AnEarly30 said...

Love, love, love your hat! Great job - too bad you missed the contest you would have surely won! :)

Sonya said...

Your hat was amazing! Definitely a winner.


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