Friday, December 29, 2006

Dinner With Friends

I've felt so cramped in our small (really not so much because it's the same size as our 3 bedroom house was only this is two bedroom) apartment that I haven't had people over but once in the last 6 months which is highly unusual for me. I mentioned it to my friend, Jen, at her ornament party that I felt our place was so small and she says, "Oh but we love coming to dinner at your place. It's so cozy." which was really sweet. It was our turn to do diner with them any way so I set up a date for them to come over for dinner tonight.

I forgot how much fun it was to have them over! I remember the first time we had them over I was in the middle of taking my art class and Justinbustin was on a roll with the art, using my materials, and practicing with me. He did an impromptu art show all over our living room for them and they ate it up. Shawners even got out some of his drawings. It was precious.

We sit and talk and the night flies by, pretty soon we're looking at the time and widening our eyes at how late it is. They like pretty much whatever, it doesn't have to be fancy food so I just have fun with whatever I make. Tonight I made a German dinner, an ode to my hubby's childhood dinners made by his Tante, with German Rouladen, Red Cabbage, and Spaetzle Dumplings. It was delicious, went perfectly, and they loved it.

Her birthday was yesterday so we did a birthday cake for her for dessert and celebrated her day as well. I made her a basket out of some bath stuff and a steel looking container which turned out so cute.


L said...

That sounds wonderful! You know, I think I like small places better because they ARE cozy. A couple of my married friends have told me how small they felt their homes were, but truly it's all about the people and the fellowship. Small spaces mean sitting closer, and I like that :)

my life is brilliant said...

How fun! I can't wait to be able to do things like that with K someday.


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