Thursday, June 09, 2011

I'm a Million Different People from One Day to the Next

I can change
I can change
I am here in my mode
And I'm a million different people from one day to the next
I can change my mode yeah yeah yeah
(idea borrowed from the gorgeous Ms. Ashley)

Seeing Ashley's post and her words "this time next year... I won't be this girl anymore - I create my existence through change" struck a powerful chord in me. I am constantly trying to get back to who I was - the girl in the pictures that I love. If I just stopped and realized what I love, I would realize what I love is that I constantly change. Such a fascinating exercise going through old pictures with the idea of finding how I changed and really taking this to heart. Doing so made the fact that I can change not only from one day to the next, but even from one moment to the next, glaringly obvious.
July 2008
July 2008
 August 2008
 August 2008
 August 2008
 November 2008
November 2008 
 January 2009
August 2009
December 2009

December 2009
April 2010
May 2010
July 2010
 October 2010
 January 2011
March 2011

I change. Every day. Another conversation that got me thinking on this was a text convo I had with Mar this morning. She was looking at our engagement photos on facebook and exclaiming how Brando looks fifteen (that happens to him without the sexy beard he has going on right now) and how I look exactly the same - that I haven't aged AT ALL. I told her those pictures were taken two years ago - I just labeled them engagement photos because we never actually had those done and they worked perfect. Then I told her she knows exactly how to make me feel good. I told her I should post ones of before we were married and just after. I was kind of fugly in a lot of them and that I look better now thank goodness. I also told her sometimes I ask Brando how he married me. He agrees I look better now. Then I told her, good thing it's not the other way around! And then I sat back and realized it really is a good thing it's not the other way around. Every change that happens is an absolutely amazing change. I am starting to embrace every single one.


Artfully Awear said...

Aww, I loved seeing this progression! You are beautiful!

A Fabulous Life said...

That's so true, we change everyday even though if it looks that we hadn't change.
Loved the progression pictures!! xo

Raven said...

i LOVE Ashley and I loved this post!!! Us mommas and women change all the time, for the better every day!!!!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Girls - Hope you got my emails!! Let me know if you didn't. xo

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Ashley is so adored! i read that post too and it struck a big chord for me. isn't it something how touched we become from another's story? you keep on embracing girl - way to go!

the photo assemblage made me smile from beginning to end, you two are so darn cute! ♥

Ashley said...

OMG! You are SO SUPER GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL through all of your amazing CHANGES! I love that you were inspired to do a post like this of your own. It is truly awesome.

My favorite pic of you is May 09 closeup...I hope you have that one in a FRAME, lady! :)


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