Friday, June 10, 2011

Pick Me!!

So excited that my recent restart of my relationship with Twitter has proved to be so true! After reinstalling Tweet Deck so I could actually see my mentions (Tweets to me specifically), I discovered via a tweet from Kate Hailey that I had won a year's subscription to the gorgeous ShowIt Websites via Creative Live's Jasmine Star incredible live presentation back in April. Still waiting to see if that goes through, since I didn't get the tweet until so late. Kate  responded back, and one person didn't use their website so they still have one, but she's going to have to do some digging to make sure it works. I did tweet Creative Live and they did tweet back saying she could take care of it. Crossing fingers!

Then I tweeted @yellowfinchlove regarding her tweet about being disgusted by what people buy at the grocery store with a tweet reply saying I am as well, but I also take ideas from people who buy healthy items at the grocery store. She replied back saying at least we eat healthy and that she would email me that evening about the giveaway. I had to google @pinksundrops and 'yellow finch love giveaway' to find out what she was talking about. Turns out I won a BEAUTIFUL set of earrings from her giveaway on Mama Loves Papa! SO excited! Besides Yellow Finch Design's fantastic jewelry, her blog is lovely, and she and her husband might be the most adorable thing ever, so go check her out.

Then, THEN, I retweeted Launch787's (an awesome local event company that also puts on Austin Fashion Week) contest tweet about Chapeaux & Champagne this Sunday (tickets still available if you want to go!) and anxiously awaited the announcement of who won their retweet contest. Guess who it was?! Me!! I'm SOOO excited for such an elegant event at the GORGEOUS, brand new Travaasa Hotel that happens to be literally in my backyard.

Uniquely Your City for June was an overwhelming success and described as "amazing whirlwind adventure" of "cyber travel" by the lovely Ashley and Sonya, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I've created a new entry form on the Uniquely Your City page where you can keep your post URL as soon as you've published it, up until next month's Uniquely Your City. Check it out now! Remember to like my facebook page while you're at it!


PattyAnn said...

Ha, nice! I just found you on twitter ;)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i love those show it fast sites, Promise Tangeman does the best web designs with it. good lucks to you, that's such a cool thing to win!!!! hope it goes through and you can get started creating.

and your new earrings are beauts too, on a winning streak is what. 3 in a row, wowzers. twitter-pated indeed! ♥

Ashley said...

WOWzA! You are one VERY lucky LADY! You go girl!! Whoop Whoop! :)

I'm so happy that Uniquely Your City was a HUGE success! How could it not be?! You are so AWESOME to do it! Glad I could be part of the nicknaming of the "cyber travel"! Yippee!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Girls - Hope you got my emails! Let me know if you didn't! xo


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