Monday, January 01, 2007

We Don't Have The Money

So many times I say that and I wonder what I really mean. When I want to get my nails done, or I want to order pizza on New Year's Day or I stop by the grocery store to get beer and ice cream I have the money. When I need to buy Christmas gifts, or I need to buy a gift, or I want to do something extra special for a friend I don't have the money. Unless I feel like I have the money to go all out for that person I won't do anything. All out meaning more than I would do for myself. Ice cream and beer cuts the mustard for me. It would be a homemade strawberry souffle dessert or a birthday cake from the grocery store and a bottle of champagne and some red wine for somebody else. It would be a french manicure on my nails and a color on my toes to save the three dollars for me, for somebody else I would make sure it was a french manicure on both and include a substantial tip. So instead of doing the ice cream and the beer or the french nails and the color on the toes or heck just the french nails like I do for myself sometimes, I end up saying I don't have the money to.


MP said...

Thanks for saying hello-it was nice to hear from you!

I belive that the things we say to ourselves are very important. Even if you feel like you're pretending(for now), maybe you can tell yourself that you DO have money for the the things you want. It's a start in creating what you want :)

P.S. my word verification for this comment was is "npgyno". Gyno, ha ha--how juvenile am I?

beth said...

I understand what you're saying. I have that same thought process go through my mind. I love giving gifts, and I always wish it could be better, bigger, more exciting.
I'm glad you found me, btw!!

L said...

Same here.

sockparade said...

french manicure on the nails on color on the toes. i totally get what you mean.


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