Thursday, February 08, 2007

Natural Bridges Photo Shoot

Photography by Brandon B.

Happy happy about about Brando's and my spinning picture! That one and this one are my FAVORITE.

Brandon proposed to me on the cliffs just behind me in this last picture and the cliffs in the picture above this one. I love going here to take family pictures. I love remembering the sun setting on that day and standing on the beach afterwards with him watching my ring sparkle.

Oh and I've reinstated my Flickr pro account so there's lots up there as well! I'm posting Cali little by little because there's just too much to put in one post. I'll post the chronological order when I'm done.


California Girl said...

Really great photos. You are all a beautiful family

Stacey said...

Awww ... you guys are too cute!

my life is brilliant said...

What great pictures! You're so lucky to have such a talented husband who can take such wonderful pictures! You all just look so incredibly happy. Love these pictures!


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