Friday, February 23, 2007

It's the Flu

It's been going around. We showed up at the doctors yesterday and there were no less than ten kids with the same glassy eyed flushed face and hacking cough that Justinbustin had. It's intriguing how being at the doctors can actually make you feel better. It's hope. Hope that you won't be feeling this miserable forever. That or being out of the house and off the couch. Maybe both. Any who she gave him a flu test and a strep test and it was flu. Flu that can have fever that lasts 5-7 days!! She gave us a prescription for an anti-viral and said it's no magic pill but it'll lessen the time and if we take it'll help us from getting it. We went by my health food store afterwards and asked the owner what's good for the flu. He said lots of colloidal silver. Oops. The one thing I hadn't been giving him. So we stocked up and now we're ALL on it as an alternative to the anti-viral medication. I still have the prescriptions and will fill them if necessary but for now I'd rather not kill EVERYthing in our sytems and just work on the bad stuff.

It was strange driving into small town Marble Falls. Time moves so slowly out there. It felt like we drove 20 miles and it had been 4 minutes. We finally got there and this is SO shallow but even the cute people didn't have style. I am SO glad to be out of there. There was a little bit of nostalgia when we stopped by the health food store and had smoothies but even then it wasn't enough to be sad we weren't there in our house, but enough to be glad for the time we had there.


Heather said...

hope everyone feels better soon!


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