Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rooks, Knights, & Queens

We spent all day at a chess tournament for Justinbustin. He took a 1/2 point bye for the first round, lost two and drew two. He'll be working on checkmating when he's got a king and a queen at chess club on Wednesday. But he rocks! He took notations on the fourth round which involves writing down the position of every play and capture. Brando and Shawners played Gameboys and hung out with Brownie while I spent time in the computer control room learning the lingo of chess tournaments with the two ladies who run the chess club we go to. That was strangely fun. I look super cute in my new Guess workout pants and shortsleeve ruffled hoodie with rhinestones and pink hearts and my long sleeve thermal shirt underneath with gathered sleeves and rhinestone buttons. LOVEd it and was sooo comfortable temperature wise all day. Justinbustin got a participation ribbon and is hoping he'll win a donated chess set for good sportsmanship which they'll email us if he did.

On another note, I think I'm pretty much done posting about Cali. We saw my family Friday night, Saturday night at my Dad's INCREDIBLE client appreciation dinner at The Cocoanut Grove - 17 piece orchestra and ballroom dancing for four hours and all, Sunday night with my mom and best friend from growing up and her two kids at our favorite downtown Santa Cruz restaurant, Monday night at my parent's house, the rest of the time we either shopped, got manicures (at least I did), lunched with Courtney, ate breakfast on the harbor, learned how to play poker, took pictures on the beach Brando proposed to me at, played with my sister and her kids and my best friend from growing up and her two kids, visited with a friend and her two sweet boys who could be twins with mine, or flew home! Fabulous, FABULOUS time. I feel like a little piece of my heart has been ripped out coming back here but am SO glad we went.


my life is brilliant said...

Great pictures! The one of you and I'm guessing Justinbustin is adorable! He looks just like you!

Sounds like such a fun time in Cali. I'm sure it was hard to come back -- especially with this cold weather.

I can't believe Justin is playing chess! What a smart guy! I haven't the slightest clue how to play chess!


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