Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lazy Saturday

We're all MUCH better. Still on the recovery though so we had an inside day - with the door to the verandah open to let some of the fresh air in. The boys and I went to Hollywood video last night and they each got to pick out two movies and an XBox 360 game. We came home with Cars and Sonic for the Xbox and some random movies for the kids. Today they watched Crocodile Hunter Collison Course and played Xbox all day after a yummy brunch of fried potatoes, cheesy scrambled eggs, fried eggs, bacon, and orange juice.

This afternoon all four of us piled on Brando's and my king size bed with wheat thins and a veggie tray and watching Facing the Giants. The film is done by brothers and the cast is volunteers from Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia. They hired five professional film makers and filled the rest of the crew with volunteers. They wanted to make a movie without all the profanity, sex, and influences that you get in most movies nowadays. GREAT movie, it made me cry and laugh after getting over the initial feeling that the actors weren't experienced but were doing a great job at it I loved it. It did make me cringe when they started to preach, though every time it ended up being applicable to life and not just the Bible says this so do it, but it still made me cringe at the beginning of each of those scenes. There's a scene where a bunch of kids are confessing their sins to God in groups on the football field, some of them were crying. It made my insides turn in the way that it turns when I think about when I attended those kinds of things when I was younger. I looked over and Brando had tears streaming down his face and I realized it was because of the way things were forced down my throat that I felt that way, not necessarily because the movie was actually trying to be that. In the end it still left me with an ukky judgemental, holier than thou, why can't everybody be perfect like me feeling, but once I get over that and let it go it's an awesome movie. I loved that the four of us were sitting there lined up sitting against our headboard snacking and watching a movie.

After the movie I looked through our french doors leading out to the verandah and realized how dirty they were and took window cleaner and a paper towel to them. When the towels came out black I couldn't stop and ended up cleaning ALL my windows, the insides at least and a few of the outside while Brando and the boys played Star Wars on the Xbox. My neighbors were headed out to the mall and L lured me in with a yummy cookie she made with melted Snickers in the middle before they left. Now we're sitting down to watch Agent Cody Banks and eat turkey, bacon and supposed-to-be-avocado-but-they-weren't-ripe sandwiches on wheat rolls.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back to normal and we'll get to enjoy this beautiful 72F to 80F degree weather we've been having!



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