Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In Reply regarding School

What I want to study is something to do with psychology. What I want to accomplish is something that will allow us to travel, even internationally. The counselor recommended if I was going to make work my lifestyle to do something I enjoy and if I was going to have it support my lifestyle than go for the money. She also recommended I meet with a career assessment specialist which is my next step. In the meantime I'm taking a course to get me oriented with the college mindset and ease me into going to classes without a whole lot of pressure, and be super ahead of the game by being informed to boot - I love that.

Oh and it's taken so long because I was waiting to become a resident (again) so as to not pay those ridiculous out of state fees.

Thanks so much for all your support and inspiration to courage!! I appreciate it SO much. Oh yes and Girl I agree. It was SO nice to even go and meet with that counselor at the brand shiny new campus and just BE for a moment. It's been amazing Brando has been SO supportive too. Now to figure out the kid thing without family around... I did ask them about drop in childcare if Brando isn't available and they suggested a few.

This turned out to be an addendum to the original post so I made it a new post instead of a comment : ) .



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